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Donate to Aftershock Film | Donate to ARIAH Foundation | Donate to Aftershock Documentaryftershock Documentary

US Maternal Health Care is in Crisis.

Ready to take action after watching the Aftershock film?

Join with us to combat the US maternal mortality & morbidity crisis by supporting our partners at The ARIAH Foundation.

Donate now. #UnitedWePush

Donate to Aftershock Film | Donate to ARIAH Foundation | Donate to Aftershock Documentary

About The ARIAH Foundation


ARIAH was established in 2019 after the tragic and preventable death of Shamony Makeba Gibson due to a birth related pulmonary embolism. Shamony represents so many powerful women of color whose lives were cut short due to birth inequities and reproductive injustice in the United States. 


The foundation seeks to support individuals, families and communities who experience the devastating Aftershock associated with maternal/infant morbidity and mortality. ARIAH provides mental, physical emotional and/or spiritual assistance to support the affected families as they navigate the impact of these traumatic experiences.


Learn more about The ARIAH Foundation here#shamonylives

Watch the Aftershock film on Hulu!
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PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy is proud to support our friends at The ARIAH Foundation in their mission to empower equitable pregnancy and postpartum care to ensure that more parents and babies make it #homesafetogether.


PUSH served as fiscal sponsor of ARIAH Foundation from July-Oct 2022 and granted all proceeds from the Aftershock campaign 100% to ARIAH Foundation.

#UnitedWePush For Families, For Babies, For Change.

Your Support Saves Lives

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