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Resources for Families


Proven tools and expert research to help you advocate for yourself and your baby!


If a baby you love has died, we're so incredibly sorry. Please know you are not alone.


Braving a subsequent pregnancy after a loss? It may not be all rainbows, but you can do this. We've got you.

Mother Holding Baby Finger

Awareness Campaign

Stillbirth still happens

Families deserve to know.

How can parents protect their babies against a threat they don't even know exists?

It's time we stop "shielding" pregnant people and instead start empowering them to advocate for themselves and their babies.

Many stillbirths are preventable. But no one ever tells you *how* to prevent them, until it's already too late.

Families who have lost a child are saying ENOUGH. We are breaking the silence and ensuring that every stillborn baby's life #StillCounts by empowering YOU with the information and tools you need to bring your baby home safe.


Your Support Saves Lives.

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