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Medical providers play a crucial role in helping patients prevent stillbirths through proactive care and support. By providing comprehensive prenatal care, you can closely monitor the health and development of both the expectant parent and the fetus to notice if there's a risk. Regular check-ups, ultrasounds, and screenings allow your to identify potential risk factors or complications early on.


You can offer guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, exercise, and managing pre-existing medical conditions. Going above standard of care, learning about new research and prevention tools will make you better able to serve your patients. Additionally, you can educate patients about the importance of attending all recommended prenatal appointments, proper kick counting, and promptly reporting any concerning symptoms. Pull up a chair! Take the time to get to know your patients, earn their trust and make them comfortable with you, so they can come to you if they're ever concerned.

Through your expertise, compassion, and dedication, you contribute significantly to the prevention of stillbirths by empowering patients with the knowledge and resources needed for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Together, working as a team, you can help your patients avoid a preventable stillbirth.


The latest data on who is at risk of stillbirth and how the US is doing at combatting these tragedies.


Evidenced-based clinical practices, emerging techniques, and patient education resources.


Support for patients and providers alike who are dealing with this devastating pregnancy outcome.


Your Support Saves Lives.

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