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2022 Stillbirth Prevention Symposium - Full Video & Supplemental Materials

Updated: May 28, 2022

A huge thank you to all of the incredible experts and advocates who joined us to help in our mission to end preventable stillbirth on May 21, 2022 at the 2nd Annual PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy Stillbirth Prevention Symposium!

With your help, we were able to reach medical providers, maternal/infant health advocates, loss families, expectant families, policymakers, and media lifesaving information to ensure that more parents and babies make it #homesafetogether.

Weren't able to join us live? We've got you covered. ;-)

Please find below the full recording of the event (English & Spanish subtitles coming soon!) plus links to supplemental reading and resources recommended by each of our amazing speakers and our interactive baby memorial.


Note: If you get an error that the video can't play on your mobile device, please click to view on YouTube instead (should work on any device):

Also don't miss the Friday night Pre-Show Q&A featuring panelists from the 2021 Symposium to update us on how far we've come from since last year's event (spoiler alert: not far enough!)


Thank you to our speakers and panelists for so generously donating your time and expertise to help share knowledge and raise awareness of stillbirth and the proven strategies for preventing this and other devastating pregnancy outcomes.

Below are slides, references, and other resources recommended by our panel of experts from the PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy 202 Stillbirth Prevention Symposium, listed in order of appearance at the event.

Jump to...

  • Samantha Banerjee, PUSH Executive Director - "A Call to Action: Enough is Enough"

  • Dr. Neel Shah, Harvard OBGYN Professor & CMO of Maven Clinic - "Keynote: Gaps in US Healthcare Are Letting Healthy Babies & Mothers Die"

  • Dr. Lauren Christiansen-Lindquist, Emory University Professor of Epidemiology - "No More Excuses: Stillbirth *is* Preventable"

  • Dr. Andrea Vidali, Reproductive Endocrinologist/Immunologist, Endometriosis Surgeon - "Why is Preventable Stillbirth Still Happening in 2022?"

  • Dr. Harvey Kliman, Yale University MD PhD Placental Research Scientist - "EPV: Saving a Life is as Easy as 1, 2, 3"

  • Dr. Ilan Timor-Tritsch, NYU Langone Professor of OBGYN - "Using Ultrasound to Identify the Vulnerable Umbilical Cord"

  • Dr. Linda Burke, OBGYN & Author of The Smart Mother's Guide to a Better Pregnancy - "From Scary Moment to Happy Ending: The Critical Importance of Advocating"

  • Dr. Joanne Stone, President of SMFM & Chair of Mount Sinai OBGYN - "How the Mount Sinai Rainbow Clinic is Revolutionizing Prenatal Care"

  • Dr. Kristin Myers, Columbia University Professor of Mechanical Engineering - "No Joke: We Still Don't Know Why Labor Happens"

  • Skye Wheeler, Human Rights Watch Senior Researcher & Chair of March of Dimes Environmental Justice Working Group - "Some Like It Hot, But Not Fetuses: Environmental Impacts on Pregnancy Outcomes"

  • Dr. Jessica Cohen, Economist & Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health Professor of Global Health - "Pregnancy on the Cusp: Why is 35 the Magic Number?"

  • Survivors Panel Discussion "What I Wish I'd Known: Lessons from Stillbirth Survivors"

  • Providers Panel Discussion "Empowered Pregnancy Chat: Advocating for Yourself & What to Look For in a Provider"

  • Community Panel Discussion "#UnitedWePush: How the US is Failing Families Across the Maternal/Infant Health Spectrum"

  • Maya Vander, Star of Netflix Hit Selling Sunset & Mom to Mason (born still Dec 2021) - "Keynote: A Mother's Perspective"

Samantha Durante Banerjee

Executive Director of PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy

Neel Shah, MD, MPP Maternal Health Advocate, Harvard Professor of OBGYN & Chief Medical Officer of Maven Clinic @neel_shah

Lauren Christiansen-Lindquist, PhD, MPH Professor of Epidemiology, Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health @lclindquist

Dr. Andrea Vidali, MD World Renowned Endometriosis Specialist, Surgeon, Miscarriage Specialist and Reproductive Immunologist, Founder of Pregmune @endometriosis_surgeon

Harvey Kliman, MD PhD

Research Scientist & Director of Yale’s Reproductive and Placental Research Unit

Ilan Timor-Tritsch, MD MFM & Professor of OBGYN, NYU Langone School of Medicine Email to be connected

Dr. Linda Burke, MD, MS, FACOG Physician, Maternal Health Advocate, & Author of The Smart Mother's Guide to a Better Pregnancy @drlindaobgyn (#askdrlinda)

Joanne Stone, MD MS Chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Founder of the Mount Sinai - Rainbow Clinic, President of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM)

Dr. Kristin Myers Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University

Skye Wheeler

Human Rights Watch Senior Researcher & Chair of March of Dimes Mom & Baby Action Network Environmental Justice Working Group

Jessica Cohen, PhD Behavioral Economist, Professor of Global Health at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health


Recommended Empowered Pregnancy Resources:


Recommended Empowered Pregnancy Resources:


Maya Vander Star of Netflix Hit 'Selling Sunset' & Mom to Mason (born still Dec 2021) @themayavander


Before we close out, let's take a moment to acknowledge the reason we push for change: our children who have died. In honor of all babies gone too soon, it's time to end preventable stillbirth.

Click for Interactive Artwork (Find Your Baby's Name!) | Download High-Res PDF | Recording of the Remembrance Ceremony

What's next? Take action to push for change!

Questions about any of the above? Don't hesitate to reach out.

Fired up for change? Join us! We need your help to end preventable stillbirth.

#UnitedWePush For Families. For Babies. For Change.

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