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Meet Kristin, Our Celeb Spokesperson!

After a 14 year battle against infertility, Kristin McQuaid and her husband, Steve, were finally at the finish line. Their surrogate, Camila, was 39 weeks into a picture perfect pregnancy. Their daughter, London, had a strong heartbeat just hours before her scheduled c-section. And then they showed up to the hospital, expecting to bring home their beautiful baby girl.

But she was already gone.

Below is a 5-min preview to Kristin's story, but you can watch the full (17 min) version on YouTube here.

This should NEVER happen to any baby. But tragically, Baby London was just one of 65 children in the US born still that day in July 2021.

Kristin is determined to change this - and PUSH is here to fight alongside her, whatever it takes.

Together, we can end preventable stillbirth. #UnitedWePush

Because London - and every stillborn baby - #StillCounts!

More about PUSH's Celebrity Spokesperson Kristin McQuaid:

Fearlessly authentic, fiercely outspoken, and full of heart, Kristin McQuaid is one of today’s hottest choreographers and creative directors, and also proud warrior mama to London Quinn. After a 14 year journey to becoming parents and 39 weeks of a flawless pregnancy, London was born still on July 14th, 2021, the same day she was scheduled to be delivered via c-section.

For more than 20 years, Kristin has wowed audiences as a choreographer, dancer, designer, actor, creative director, producer, and director. But as she sees it, “London is the reason” for all of it – Kristin holds the conviction that her storied life has all been leading to the opportunity to honor the incredible bond she shares with her daughter by driving change in her name.

This dynamo made her acting debut in the feature film Beautiful staring Minnie Driver, was featured in Wes Craven’s Zombie Prom, and graced the small screen with recurring appearances in Days of Our Lives and American Dreams. She has also starred in several national commercials, appeared in music videos and live performances with top artists such as Prince and Britney Spears, and won a bevy of awards and nominations. Kristin’s sought-after choreography has been featured on FOX hit So You Think You Can Dance and fan favorite Dance Moms, and gone viral through online dance talents Nia Sioux, Boss Baby Brody, and Nickelodeon sweetheart Jules Leblanc. Most recently, this versatile, high-energy entertainer created, produced, and starred in her own spunky reality talent show Kickin’ it with Kristin on YouTube’s Talent Recap (also known as “the EPSN of talent competitions!”).

PUSH is absolutely thrilled that in addition to the non-profit she and her husband created in honor of their daughter to support surrogates and their intended parents through infant loss, Kristin is also now lending her fiery, versatile, fun-loving, high-energy talent to empowering families to advocate for their babies during pregnancy. Like all of us at PUSH, Kristin is relentless in her determination to end preventable stillbirth.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and learn more at

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