Tools to Prevent Stillbirth


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Proven Stillbirth Prevention Protocols

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Our friends across the pond have implemented this straightforward 5-step protocol to reducing smoking during pregnancy, catch more growth restricted babies, raise awareness of reduced fetal movements, improve fetal monitoring during labor, and reduce pre-term birth. In just 3 years the 20 participating maternity units saw a 20% drop in stillbirths.


Maternity care providers down under have introduced this 5-step protocol to reducing smoking in pregnancy, detect and manage fetal growth restriction, educate and respond to patients reporting altered fetal movements, encourage side sleep in the third trimester, and improve birth timing. Participating units are seeing a 30% reduction in stillbirth rate.

Stillbirth Prevention Tools

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There is a well-documented correlation between small placental size and adverse pregnancy outcomes. What if we could detect an unusually small before delivery? This simple, 30-second technique does just that, and can be performed using any standard ultrasound machine. Developed by Yale's renowned Dr. Harvey Kliman, EPV is the next big thing in prenatal care. 


Lightning may not strike twice, but stillbirth does. Rainbow Clinic care guidelines - innovated and proven in the UK, and now making their way to the US - ensure that families who have experienced a perinatal death not only receive the empathetic support they deserve, but also significantly reduces their chances of suffering another devastating loss.


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