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Legislative Advocacy


Please join us in legislative advocacy!

Check below for current legislation efforts and instructions to write or call your representatives! Volunteer to help improve your state!

Together, we can make a difference because #YourVoiceMatters.

Together, we can create change.

Stillbirth happens. When it does, families have little institutional or governmental support in managing the trauma and grief - and there's even less going into preventing stillbirths from happening. As a result, families often miss impactful information to help them advocate for themselves, and if the worst has happened, navigate this most difficult of situations.

Most states are able to issue a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth (CBRS). These are commemorative and serve to acknowledge and legitimize the life of a stillborn baby. However, many providers do not know that they are available. A few states even offer a Stillbirth Tax Credit, allowing families to take a one-time credit (or deduction) in the year of their child's stillbirth. But since there is so little awareness, many families never receive this support.

We believe every state should offer CBRS and tax credits. At the national level, tax credits and bereavement and family leave should be available. And to improve prevention efforts, we also want to push for stillbirth research centers, better mandated recording of stillbirths, and amended state health laws that include education on stillbirths. In the meantime, we want to make sure families and providers know what legislation is currently in progress and in effect.

Watch for current updates & ways to help

Contact your representatives

Check this page for current legislative efforts that you can support with a call, email, or social media post!

SHINE for Autumn Act (National)

In November 2021, legislators in the US House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill (H.R.5487) that aims to lower the stillbirth rate in America. In March 2022, it was introduced in the Senate (S. 3972) by Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). We need your help NOW to get this historic legislation passed!

We don't need to tell you just how important this is. Check out this 1-page summary from March of Dimes for an overview of how the SHINE for Autumn Act will help families obtain critical information to save babies' lives, and watch the Congressional Briefing for more details. In short, the SHINE Act would:

  1. Provide needed resources not available today to the CDC, NIH, and states to standardize and improve stillbirth data collection and invest in research so we can better understand stillbirth in the United States, with the goal of lowering the U.S. stillbirth rate

  2. Develop, and make publicly available, educational awareness materials on stillbirth to increase education and awareness around the issue of stillbirth to prevent it when possible

  3. Train additional Perinatal Pathologists to address the shortage of qualified experts in the US to investigate the causes of stillbirth (a critical hurdle to improving research)

  4. Requests dedicated, timely reporting from the Surgeon General and HHS Secretary

These are the first crucial steps to mobilizing our nation around stillbirth prevention, and we are hopeful that the SHINE Act will, for the first time, establish a true federal & state partnership to end preventable stillbirth in the US.

4 Steps to Support the SHINE for Autumn Act

Step 1)

Fill out the SHINE friends form now!

The only way we can get the U.S. to give stillbirth prevention the attention it needs is with families from every state demanding it. 

Share your talents, connections, areas of interest in helping and get in the loop to find out about future needs and meetings.

Step 2)

Become a SHINE Star!


We need advocates in each state to help network with other families, maternal health organizations, bereavement groups and providers to help us build a powerful coalition to push the bill through. 

We're thankful for the passion and leadership ofthe SHINE Stars, many who are bereaved parents pushing for change in memory of their children. 

Missed the Virtual Briefing? Watch the Recording NOW!

Learn more about how the SHINE for Autumn Act will raise the volume on ending the stillbirth epidemic and addressing the racial disparities in birth outcomes.

Step 3)

Share your Story

Your baby matters! Many stillbirths are preventable yet because of the silence and taboo around stillbirth few know that more could be done to save vulenarable babies like ours. 

Send stories of Stillbirth Losses with state in the subject line to Debbie Haine Vijayvergiya:

RALLY SUPPORT by following @SHINEforstillbirth, sharing their posts and telling your friends on social media who you're SHINE-ing for!  

#SHINEforStillbirth #LetItSHINE #UnitedWePush

Title V

Maternal and Child Stillbirth Prevention Act

Amendments to Title V (H.R. 7011)


This March, Congresswoman Alma Adams, Ph.D. introduced the “Maternal and Child Health Stillbirth Prevention Act of 2022.” We at PUSH are proud to endorse this bipartisan Act (H.R. 7011) which will amend Title V, the Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant of the Social Security Act. This provides funding to support the well-being of mothers, children, and their families. The Maternal and Child Health Stillbirth Prevention Act of 2022 will clarify that stillbirth prevention activities are an allowable use of funds under Title V to encourage more states to prioritize stillbirth prevention programs.

Original Co-sponsors: Rep. Alma Adams (D-NC), Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA), Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA), Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)., Rep. Cindy Axne (IA-03), Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragán (CA-44), Rep. Karen Bass (CA-37), Rep. Joyce Beatty (OH-03), Rep. Ami Bera (CA-07), Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (OR-01), Rep. Anthony Brown (MD-04), Rep. G. K. Butterfield (NC-01), Rep. Kathy Castor (FL-14), Rep. Yvette Clarke (NY-09), Rep. Steve Cohen (TN-09), Rep. Gerry Connolly (VA-11), Rep. Danny K. Davis (IL-07), Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-03), Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-12), Rep. Donald McEachin (VA-04), Rep. Gwen Moore (WI-04), Rep. Seth Moulton (MA-06), Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC-AL), Rep. Mark Pocan (WI-02), Rep. Deborah Ross (NC-02), Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05), Rep. Terri A. Sewell (AL-07), Rep. Thomas Suozzi (NY-03), Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-15), Rep. Paul Tonko (NY-20), Rep. Lauren Underwood (IL-14), Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12), and Rep. Nikema Williams (GA-05).

>>> Is your rep on this list? Thank them! Keep reading for more info & sample call/email script >>>

Endorsements: 1st Breath, 2 Degrees Foundation, 2020 Mom, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs, Black Mamas Matter Alliance, Every Mother Counts, Healthy Birth Day, March of Dimes, Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance, Measure the Placenta, Mom Congress, Moms Rising Together, Star Legacy Foundation, Reproductive and Placental Research Unit-Yale School of Medicine, Return to Zero: HOPE, PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy

We Need Your Help!

We need to let Congress know that stillbirth is a crisis, that it *IS* preventable, and that it is time for change!

Here is how you can help:

  • Call your Representative - find their contact info here

  • Ask them to vote YES on the Maternal and Child Stillbirth Prevention Act of 2022 (H.R. 7011)

  • Ask them to Co-Sponsor the bill

  • See our Sample Script below for more!

  • Ask your friends & family to email their reps!

  • Share your experience at to raise awareness!

Stay tuned for updates on the Title V  Maternal & Child #StillbirthPreventionAction2022 here and @pushpregnancy on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

Sample Script

My name is            and I live in    City/State   . I am calling to request that Representative             would vote YES on the Maternal and Child Stillbirth Prevention Act H.R 7011 that provides amendments to Title V. I would also like to ask if they would consider co-sponsoring this bi-partisan bill. 

Share your story and how stillbirth has impacted you here 

Each year 23,000 babies are stillborn. That is one school bus full of children every day. At least half of these deaths are preventable. 

Allocating funding for stillbirth prevention - and ensuring states know that stillbirth prevention is a priority - is the first step to ensuring that families are spared from a devastating tragedy.

Thank you for considering this important Act and a better future for American families.

Tax Credit


An Income Tax Credit would provide much needed financial support and acknowledgment for families experiencing a very real heartache after the death of their child.


Stillbirth is devastating in every way. Not only do parents leave the hospital with a lifetime of grief, they are also saddled with unexpected costs such as burial, autopsy, testing, and mental health support. We cannot take away their pain, but we can ease the financial burden by passing this bipartisan legislation.

Did you know that a baby who dies immediately after birth - even if they were born too young to survive (e.g. 16 weeks gestation) - is "counted" as having lived and died and afforded all the same rights (birth & death certificate, can be counted as a dependent on tax filing, etc.), whereas a baby who is born still - even one who dies well into the third trimester - does not "count" according to most state laws? Families of stillborn babies do not receive a birth/death certificate (only a Fetal Death Certificate and/or in some states Certificate of Still Birth) and CANNOT be claimed as a dependent, even though their parents have already set up a nursery, stocked up on diapers and clothes, and maybe even bought a new car or house to accommodate their growing family. How is this fair?

Stillborn babies are loved and wanted. Stillbirth #StillCounts. Stillbirth is not the loss of a pregnancy; it's the death of a child. It's time our laws reflect that.

#UnitedWePUSH #BetheChange #YourVoiceMatters #StillbirthTaxCredit

We are supporting Stillbirth Tax Credit Bills throughout the US!

By supporting these bills we are telling State Legislatures that stillbirth matters!


Here you can find updated information about the bills along with Action Steps for how to help.

WRITE or CALL your delegates and let them know you want these bills to pass! SHARE with friends, family, co-workers, OBGYN/MFM practices, and anyone who may be willing to lend their voice to our cause!

Write and speak from the heart, and share your personal stories. Bring your unique voice to the fight. (If you need a starting point, check out the sample letter below!

About the bills listed below:

  • Look for a bill in your state

  • "SB" means the bill is starting in the State Senate

  • "HB" means it is in the House (AKA General Assembly)

  • Bills are designated to specific committees and if approved they "cross over" to the other legislature. If passed in both they are sent to the Governor for their signature.

Sample Letter/Call Script

Dear Senator or Representative                   , 

My name is              and I live in your district. I am a supporter of   (bill number)   to establish a credit against the personal income tax for parents who experience the birth of a stillborn child.

Share your story and how stillbirth has impacted you here 


Losing a child brings a grief that lasts a lifetime and though no amount of money can bring them back, this tax credit can soften their pain. These funds are critical to help parents cover expenses such as: burial, genetic testing, and mental health services. And importantly, this legislation will send a meaningful message to affected families that their babies' lives matter and they too are parents. 


Your Name, City, Zip 


New York Paid Family Leave

Current Paid Family Leave Policy does not include parents who have experienced stillbirth.

Birthing parents are forced into financially difficulty when they should be spending the time healing thier bodies.

It's time for change


S2175 authored by State Senator Tim Kennedy amends NY Paid Family Leave Policy to include stillbirth parents. 

The re-introduced bill would amend worker's compensation law to provide paid family leave following a stillbirth. It would include recovering after a stillbirth a qualification for family leave. 

“The mother of a stillbirth child also needs the time to grieve the loss of her baby. These women deserve to be seen and to be included in the paid family leave law of our state," said Assembly Member Jenifer Rajkumar (D-Assembly District 38).

The bill is currently on the floor calendar which means it is eligible for floor consideration where lawmakers could vote on it. Several lawmakers said they are committed to passing this legislation. 


Copy and Paste the letter below and send it to Governor Hochul via her Contact Form.

PFL cassidy-crough.webp

Letter to Governor Hochul

Dear Governor Hochul,


My name is _____ and I am a resident of ________, NY. I appreciate your commitment to work with the New York Legislature to ensure the smooth passing of S2175 amending Paid Family Leave to include parents who experience stillbirth.


As you know, NY's current Paid Family Leave policy does not allow the birthing parent to receive benefits to care for themselves after birthing a stillborn baby. We are looking to amend that law so that every parent who gives birth will receive adequate time to heal.


We are requesting that Governor Hochul call a special session to amend this discriminatory and dangerous gap in the current law, or include the language from bill S2175 in the Governor’s Budget. 


We are thankful for your recent commitment to addressing maternal mortality by allocating $20 million in the Governor’s Budget. Women who experience a stillbirth are almost 5 times as likely to experience severe postpartum maternal complications. Delivering a stillborn baby has a direct link to poor maternal health outcomes. Including paid family leave for stillbirth parents in the Governor’s budget would also address maternal mortality and morbidity. 


We are so thankful for your time and attention to this urgent matter. Every single day 5 more NY families are being so cruelly kicked while they're down, struggling to navigate this broken system while also facing the devastating loss of their child, and having to make unthinkable choices between healing their bodies after a traumatic (physically and emotionally) event or putting food on their family's table. This unjust gap in the law is literally putting parents' lives at risk.


Thank you for being our champions to help set this right. #UnitedWePush


With gratitude,


(your name)

(your zip code)

State Call to Action - CT.png
HB 5103 - Connecticut

PASSED!! Thank you for your support!


Now a one-time credit of $2,500 will be

given to every CT family who experiences


SB 408-Maryland

State Senator Sarah K. Elfreth has Sponsored a Stillbirth Tax Credit Bill in Maryland!


Establishes a one time credit of $1,000 to families who have experienced stillbirth.

Appointed to Budget and Taxation Committee

Action Steps

1. Call and Email your Senator and ask them to support S.B. 408 Find your Senator here.

2. Email members of the Budget and Taxation Committee. Find members here

3. Share with your friends and family in Maryland!

State Call to Action - MD.png
State Call to Action - MO.png
SB 1123 - Missouri

Proposed by one of our PUSH Changemakers!


Establishes a one time credit of $2,000 to families who have experienced stillbirth.

Sponsored by Senator Lauren Author MO District 17


Awaiting Committee 

Action Steps

1. Call and Email your Senator and ask them to support S.B. 1123 Find your Senator here.

2. Check back for updates. Send emails once S.B.1123 goes to Committee.

3. Share with your friends and family in Missouri!

SB 2184 - New York

Proposed by several PUSH Changemakers!

Establishes a one time refundable credit of $2,500 to families who have experienced stillbirth. Info Sheet (PDF)

Active in both Houses: S2184/A6366

Sponsored by Senator Shelly Mayer & Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte

In Budget & Revenue Committee

Action Steps

1. Call and Email your Senator and  Assembly Member ask them to support S2184/A6366. Find your Senator here and Assemblymember here.

2. Extra credit! Call and Email the members of the Budget & Revenue Committee and ask them to add S2184 to their next committee agenda.

3. Check back for updates. Share with your friends and family in New York!

State Call to Action - NY.png

Let's demand it.


Weekend of
Oct 15th 2022

Washington, DC

Picture it: 23,000 empty strollers, parading past the steps of Congress - one for every child lost in the past year. Join us.


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Bereavement Leave (National)

If your child dies - due to stillbirth or any other cause - you can be fired the next day for not showing up for work. 16 US Senators are currently writing the bill to fix this. They need to hear your stories of pregnancy and infant loss to understand why bereavement leave is so important! Evermore has asked us to CALL each of these reps and sign the petition.


Full instructions, contact info, and petition here:

#UnitedWePush #BeTheChange


And we need your voice

Pose at Protest

Hey, Amici!

No one should lose their Constitutional rights because they are pregnant, capable of pregnancy, or because of any pregnancy outcome, including birth, pregnancy loss, or abortion.


That’s why we're proud to join @NationalAdvocatesforPregnantWomen and other organizations asking The U.S. Supreme Court not to uphold Mississippi's abortion ban or overturn Roe v. Wade, and with it, nearly 50 years of precedent. Read our amicus brief.

Image by Brett Jordan

Your Support Saves Lives.

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