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Stillbirth happens. When it does, families have little institutional or governmental support in managing the trauma and grief. They often miss impactful information to help them navigate this most difficult of situations.

Most states are able to issue Certificates of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth (CBRS). These are commemorative and serve to acknowledge and legitimize the life of a stillborn baby. However, many providers do not know about them. A few states even offer a Stillbirth Tax Credit, allowing families to take a one-time deduction or credit in the year of their stillbirth. But since there is so little awareness, many families never receive this support.

We believe every state should offer CBRS and tax credits. At the national level, tax credits and bereavement and family leave should be available. We also want to push for stillbirth research centers, better mandated recording of stillbirths, and amended state health laws that include education on stillbirths. In the meantime, we want to make sure families and providers know what legislation is currently in progress and in effect.

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New Jersey residents, it takes just two minutes to make a difference today!

SUPPORT S2078/A5008 to Prevent Stillbirths

This bill has been PASSED by both houses and is just waiting on a signature from the governor! Use the NJ Form Letter as a script (link at left). If you wish, add your personal story of how you or someone you love was affected by stillbirth.

Call 1-609-292-6000 (most effective!)


Email the letter to: constituent.relations@nj.gov

If you email, please CC debbie@dlh-associates.com (Debbie Haine Vijayvergiya of The 2 Degrees Foundation)

Thank you for your help and support!

Questions? Contact Debbie (2 Degrees Foundation) debbie@dlh-associates.com

#UnitedWePush #BeTheChange

Bereavement Leave

If your child dies - due to stillbirth or any other cause - you can be fired the next day for not showing up for work. 16 US Senators are currently writing the bill to fix this. They need to hear your stories of pregnancy and infant loss to understand why bereavement leave is so important! Evermore has asked us to CALL each of these reps and sign the petition.


Full instructions, contact info, and petition here: https://live-evermore.org/protect-our-jobs-congress/

#UnitedWePush #BeTheChange

No one should lose their Constitutional rights because they are pregnant, capable of pregnancy, or because of any pregnancy outcome, including birth, pregnancy loss, or abortion. That’s why we're proud to join @NationalAdvocatesforPregnantWomen and other organizations asking The U.S. Supreme Court not to uphold Mississippi's abortion ban or overturn Roe v. Wade, and with it, nearly 50 years of precedent. Read our brief.

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