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Birth Equity & Racism

Not so fun fact: Black mamas are MORE THAN TWICE as likely to lose their baby to stillbirth.

Why? The answer is simpler than you might think: straight up racism.

All birthing people struggle to be heard in our medical system. But due to well-documented institutionalized bias, mothers of color – particularly Black & Indigenous mothers – are at even higher risk of their concerns being ignored or overlooked. And their babies are dying because of it.

This is NOT OKAY. And we’re not going to be quiet about it until something changes.

Head over to Black Mamas Matter Alliance to learn more, because #BlackLivesMatter, #BIPOCLivesMatter, and #BlackMamasMatter!

More coming soon!

This page is still under construction, but we've got lots more to share! Check back in coming weeks for:

  • Facts and statistics about systemic racism in medicine

  • Tips for navigating institutionalized bias and making your voice heard

  • Shareable graphics to raise awareness of #BirthEquity & #BlackMaternalHealth

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