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Empowered Pregnancy


Empower Your Pregnancy

Every parent deserves to know that they and their healthcare providers are doing everything possible to safely see them through pregnancy and birth and make sure that families and babies make it home safe together.

Our empowered pregnancy tips are specifically tailored for the modern mama, with evidence-based recommendations, expert-backed tools, and tried-and-true strategies to help you advocate for yourself and your baby.

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Remember: Stillbirth can happen even in low-risk pregnancies. The odds are low, but they are real. But just by knowing this fact you are already one step ahead - because now you understand the stakes, and you have the power to act!

Not every stillbirth is preventable (and it is NEVER the mother's fault!), but if you follow these tips, you'll know you're doing everything in your power to give your baby the best possible chance. Sign up below!


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