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LGBTQ+ Pregnancy

Little reported fact: Bisexual & Lesbian women are 2.85 times more likely to have a pregnancy that ends in stillbirth.

Why? Many of the same reasons you see disparities in outcomes in other marginalized groups: high rates of discrimination (both within the healthcare system and in our society in general), resulting in chronic stress and physical “weathering” and of course, the ubiquitous issue of birthing people – especially non-traditional/minority birthing people – not being heard by their medical providers. 

At PUSH we believe that love is love, and we unequivocally support the rights of families and parents of every shape, color, and configuration to raise children and receive equitable healthcare wherever their parenthood journey may take them, no matter how they identify. When that journey includes pregnancy, we will do everything in our power to empower LGBTQ+ families to advocate for themselves and their babies.

More coming soon!

This page is still under construction, but we've got lots more to share! Check back in coming weeks for:

  • Facts and statistics about LGBTQ+ pregnancy

  • Risk factors unique to LGBTQ+ birthing people

  • Shareable graphics to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ pregnancy


Your Support Saves Lives.

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