Early Cervical Dilation

You've probably heard it referred to as Incompetent Cervix (IC) or Cervical Insufficiency - but we're calling BS on that! Your cervix is neither incompetent nor insufficient, but whoever came up with those terms clearly is. (MAJOR EYEROLL)

Early Cervical Dilation (our preferred term) affects about 1% of pregnant people who experience preterm birth. If you're one of those people, please know that there are more options today for managing early cervical dilation than ever before!

We've got tons more to share, but while you wait, check out this informative article about an amazing pair of PUSH Changemakers who are raising awareness of IC and fighting for change for families like theirs who have been affected.

More coming soon!

This page is still under construction, but we've got lots more to share! Check back in coming weeks for:

  • Facts and statistics about early cervical dilation

  • Treatment options for early cervical dilation

  • Shareable graphics to raise awareness of early cervical dilation


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