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Preeclampsia is a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure, and occurs in about 1 in 25 pregnancies in the US. It can lead to serious - even fatal - complications for both mother and baby.

The good news? Preeclampsia is treatable! The most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your baby is to empower yourself by learning the signs and symptoms of Preeclampsia and its closely related cousin, HELLP Syndrome.

To learn more, visit the Preeclampsia Foundation, creators of #UseYourMomVoice.

More coming soon!

This page is still under construction, but we've got lots more to share! Check back in coming weeks for:

  • Preeclampsia facts and statistics

  • Preeclampsia warning signs

  • Shareable graphics to raise awareness of Preeclampsia risks

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