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It's a hard truth, but one you need to hear:

Stillbirth can happen even in low-risk pregnancies.

The odds are low, but they are real. The good news is that just knowing this fact gives you the power to act!

Below you'll find in-depth information about how to lower your risk of stillbirth and other pregnancy complications, including evidence-based recommendations backed by expert medical providers and the very latest research on stillbirth prevention and healthy pregnancy.

To start, here are our MUST HAVE tips for an empowered pregnancy - the things we wish someone had told us to help keep our babies safe.

Not every stillbirth is preventable (and it is NEVER the mother's fault!), but if you follow these tips, you'll know you're doing everything in your power to give your baby the best possible chance. Sign up for Empowered Pregnancy emails!

Remember: no one knows your baby or your body better than you! If something doesn't feel right, speak up and don't stop speaking up until someone listens. You are your baby's best advocate. You deserve to be heard.

Browse through the sections below for even more empowered pregnancy information, advice, and links to research so you can see the evidence for yourself!

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