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Change is here.

Every single day, 65 US families expect to come home snuggling their newborn baby, and instead walk out of the hospital with a never-worn onesie and an empty infant carrier.

Many of these deaths are otherwise healthy babies and occur in normal, uneventful, low-risk pregnancies. With better awareness and simple prevention strategies, a significant portion of these babies could be saved, especially those that occur in the 3rd trimester.

The #StillCounts National Awareness Campaign is here to change this.

Families deserve to know that stillbirth still happens, and they deserve to be empowered with the information and resources they need to lower their risks of stillbirth.

If you or someone you care about has lost a child to stillbirth, miscarriage, SIDS, or any other cause at any point during pregnancy or infancy, please join us in raising awareness. Together, we can end preventable stillbirth.


#UnitedWePush For Families, For Babies, For Change.


Let's demand it.

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Weekend of
Oct 15th 2022

Washington, DC

Picture it: 23,000 empty strollers, parading past the steps of Congress - one for every child lost in the past year. Join us.


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Together, we can Empower Pregnancy


Are you or someone you care about expecting a baby?

Take action now to empower your pregnancy! Learn the lifesaving tips the babyloss families at PUSH wish we'd been told:

  • #MovementsMatter - Get to know your baby and learn how to #CountTheKicks!

  • #KnowYourNormal - No one knows your baby or your body better than YOU!

  • #AlwaysAsk - Have concerns? Don't wait - swift action could literally save your or your baby's life!

You are your baby's best advocate! Let us teach how to make yourself heard.

Add your child to our memorial wall & start building them a legacy of change

There are many ways large and small that you can support our efforts to save babies' lives

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month and knowledge is power

Empower your community with lifesaving information about safer pregnancy

Create custom #StillCounts apparel to raise awareness in honor of a baby you love

Your Baby #StillCounts

If a baby you love has died, we are so incredibly sorry. No family should have to suffer the life-shattering heartache that you have.

We are all babyloss families at PUSH, and we're determined to make sure other babies get the chance that our babies never did.

Not every stillbirth is preventable, but many are. Build a legacy for your child by helping us to launch the first ever Rainbow Clinics in the US and prove that we can empower expectant families and their providers with lifesaving tools and resources to end preventable stillbirth.

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There are many ways you can honor a baby who has died. Here are just a few:

October is
Pregnancy & Infant Loss
Awareness Month

Each year across the US, tens of thousands of families are devastated by the death of their baby. Some are lost to miscarriage early in pregnancy, some die in the second half of pregnancy and are stillborn, others tragically perish sometime after birth due to SIDS or other causes. The one thing that unites these families is that their grief is devastating beyond words, and the immense value of their babies’ lives is very rarely acknowledged.

October has been designated as a month to combat the stigma that so often comes with pregnancy and infant loss, and break the silence surrounding these heartbreaking and often preventable deaths.

By sharing openly about pregnancy and infant loss - during Awareness Month and always - we can empower families to lower their risks, and ensure that every family who is forced to say goodbye to their beloved baby receives the support and understanding they deserve.


CHANGE starts with


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Launch a Facebook Fundraiser in honor of your baby to support our stillbirth prevention & awareness efforts!

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Oct 15th
7 pm Local Time

October 15th

World Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Join in solidarity with families around the globe as we ignite the annual International Wave of Light. Light your candle at 7 pm local time on October 15th and let it blaze for one hour, until we pass the torch to the next time zone, creating a continuous 24 hour wave of light in honor of all the babies we are missing.

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Participate in our Pass the Torch video or make a custom candle!


Get custom #StillCounts gear for the whole family, personalized with the name of a baby you love! What are you waiting for?

Need help? Check out our step-by-step guide.


Your Support Saves Lives.