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Our Changemakers are a Brilliant Mosaic!
Celebrating 2 years of pushing
to save babies' lives

Thanks to YOUR generous support, only 2 years after our launch PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy is the leading stillbirth prevention nonprofit in the U.S. - and we're just getting started!

Learn More: About PUSH | Our Mission | Empowered Pregnancy Tips (FREE!) | Stillbirth Facts | Resources for Babyloss Families | Rainbow Clinic for PAL

Changemaker, you are part of a Brilliant Mosaic - a vibrant spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, dreams, and heartaches, with no two tiles the same.

And though our journeys here differ, without every rough edge, painful crack, and speck of shining gold, this masterpiece of resilience and hope wouldn't be complete.

Through education, action, and advocacy, we’ve united for a common purpose: to PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy and an end to preventable stillbirth.

Our hearts pieced together with love and plastered with mutual support, each individual in this captivating community is vital to our mission. Joined by our relentless determination, we are creating a brighter future, together. Cheers to that!

#UnitedWePush For Families, For Babies, For Change.

Join the Celebration from Wherever You Are!

PUSH's epic 2nd Anniversary Party-Across-the-Nation has already begun and will continue through the weekend of July 22nd, 2023!

Whether you're joining us in person at Quartz Rock Vineyard in New York, sipping Brilliant Mosaic wine at home, or catching our Livestream coverage on Instagram, we invite you to partake in the festivities including giveaways, raffles, online auction, and more! Links to everything below.

All proceeds benefit our mission to end preventable stillbirth and bring Rainbow Clinic pregnancy-after-loss care to families across the nation!

Live Event Coverage

Catch the Livestream!

Sat, July 22nd 3-5 pm ET


The PUSH team will be popping on LIVE throughout the event - join us at @pushpregnancy on Instagram to catch all the action!

PUSH Brilliant Mosaic Wine

Shipped to your door!

Grab a bottle (or 12) of our very own crisp white blend, produced in collaboration with Quartz Rock Vineyard! Donation in every bottle.

Limited edition! Get yours while they last!

Spotify Party Playlist

Tunes to set the mood

Free on Spotify!


Experiences, Art, Indulgences & More

Our babies taught us that tomorrow isn't guaranteed, so it's important to live TODAY. Each of our incredible auction prizes was gifted with the intention of making memories with loved ones and living life to the fullest! So what are you waiting for?


CLOSES 7/22/23
@ 5:30 PM ET

Digital Prizes
+ Shipped!

FREE Gift Card Raffle!

Enter for your chance to win!

Prize: $5-25 Amazon & Target Gift Cards.
10 lucky winners!

Sibling Book Bundle Raffle!

Enter for your chance to win!

Prize: Signed Stillbirth Sibling Book Bundle

$100 Locket Sisters Raffle!

Enter for your chance to win!


Prize: $100 Gift Certificate for Custom Locket

Brooklyn Rock Climbing Raffle!

Enter for your chance to win!

Prize: Metro Rock Bushwick Rock Climbing - 2 Day Passes

Memorial Artwork (Free!)

Add Your Baby to the Stillbirth Awareness Art Installation!

Can't make it in person? No problem! Submit your baby's name to and we'll make sure they're immortalized in our art display. (FREE!)

Support Rainbow Clinic Year 3
Mock-Up Rainbow Clinic Plaque (5).png

Designate a Donation to Support Families Pregnant After a Loss

Help us jumpstart our fundraising for Year 3 of the Rainbow Clinic! Make a donation to our Brilliant Mosaic celebration which is specifically reserved for this groundbreaking project here.

3 Ways to Celebrate!
Join us at the Vineyard Party!

Saturday, July 22nd @ 2 pm ET

Quartz Rock Vineyard

Marlboro, NY (90 min outside NYC!)

Family & Dog Friendly!

FREE! (Yes, really!)

Register by 7/15!


Want to reserve some extra PUSH Brilliant Mosaic wine to pick up while you're at the winery? Place your order at Quartz Rock:

Host Your Own Private Event!

Sat, July 22nd (or Whenever!)

YOUR Backyard

All across the USA!

Remote Party Packs Available!

(Free for PUSH Changemakers)

Order by 7/10! ORDERS NOW CLOSED


More info about the Livestream, Virtual Games, Auction, & more:

Need some extra PUSH Brilliant Mosaic wine shipped to you before your event? Place your order at Quartz Rock:

Catch All the Action Virtually!

Sat, July 22nd 3-5 pm ET

Instagram LIVE @pushpregnancy

Virtual games, auction & more!

Remote Party Packs Available!

(Free for PUSH Changemakers)

Order by 7/10! ORDERS NOW CLOSED


More info about the Livestream, Virtual Games, Auction, & more:

Don't forget to grab a bottle of PUSH Brilliant Mosaic wine shipped to your door! Place your order at Quartz Rock:

Your Support Saves Lives.

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