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Coming to DC? Here are the deets on #BigPUSH2022

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

We are SO EXCITED to gather with you all in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, October, 15th for The Big PUSH to End Preventable Stillbirth!

If you're joining us on the National Mall, here's all the info you need:

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...Live Stream/Recording


Live Stream

Yes! The FULL EVENT will be livestreamed and recorded! Check it out on YouTube at

Video not working? Head directly to YouTube:

Full speaker schedule can be found below. Also don't miss our Live Coverage on social media on 10/15! Follow @pushpregnancy

Note: during the Celebration of Life, livestream audio may be silenced by YouTube due to music streaming rights issues. But no worries - you can celebrate from anywhere with the #BigPUSH2022 Playlist on Spotify! Check it out here:

Event Maps

Download a printable version of the full Event Map here (PDF).

Map of The Big PUSH to End Preventable Stillbirth 2022 Event Site in DC

Main Event Stage on the National Mall is located at 7th St. NW/SW between Madison Dr. NW & Jefferson Dr. SW. Best navigation address is 7 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001. Public Transit is recommended as parking is limited - Directions in FAQs below


---Friday October 14th (Pre-Event)---

  • 8:30 PM - Welcome Meet & Greet! The Big PUSH Coalition will be hanging out in the bar at Cantina Bambina at the Wharf (960 Wharf St SW, Washington, DC 20024) - swing by to say hello!

---Saturday October 15th (Main Event)---

Full Schedule below takes place at the Main Event Stage at The National Mall (7th St. NW/SW between Independence Ave. SW & Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20560) - Directions in FAQs below

---Saturday October 15th (Post-Event)---

---Sunday October 16th (Post-Event)---

  • 11:00 AM - Farewell Brunch! Before you head home, join the Big PUSH Coalition for an informal, outdoor brunch to celebrate our big day at District Square at the Wharf (1 District Square SW, Washington, DC 20024)

    • Grab whatever you want to eat from one of the nearby takeout spots and join us at the outdoor tables!

Awareness Fair

Join us from 12-1 PM for the Awareness Fair & Interactive Art Installation. (Note: the Art Installation and many, but not all, of the Awareness Tables will remain open through the close of the event at 4 PM)

Live Music onstage by Dixie Danielle

Interactive Art Installation featuring 23,000 baby hats - one for each child born still in the past year - by local DC Artist Ashley Jaye Williams. Honor the baby you're missing by tucking a note with their name into one of the hats. This powerful art piece is debuting at The Big PUSH and will tour the country in coming months to illustrate the terrible toll of preventable stillbirth in the U.S.

Awareness Tables presented by many of the 50+ organizations behind The Big PUSH. Swing by to meet the courageous volunteers & activists leading the movement to improve maternal/infant health outcomes in the U.S. Expect lots of free goodies to take home and kid-friendly activities!

  • PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy & #StillCounts - Come meet the parents behind the biggest, loudest stillbirth awareness & prevention movement in history! Lots of empowered pregnancy info, our legendary PUSH pens, and more - free! We're on a mission to end preventable stillbirth, and we're NOT taking no for an answer.

    • The PUSH table also doubles as the general Information Table for the event!

  • Measure the Placenta - Come learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Placenta - especially why it's so important for prenatal care to begin incorporating #EPV (Estimated Placental Volume) into standard practice.

    • Measure the Placenta is hosting a pre-event meet-up for all current (and future!) volunteers - meet at 11 am at the MTP table!

  • Surviving Siblings (KIDS TABLE!) - Meet Brittany & Eliza Day, mother/daughter authors of I'm STILL A Big Sister, and enjoy lots of (free!) fun goodies for little ones, including bubbles, stickers, flameless tealights, temporary tattoos, face painting, and coloring!

  • Aaliyah in Action - Aaliyah in Action provides women, birthing people and families who have experienced perinatal or neonatal loss with self-care packages and bereavement supports to help navigate life after loss. Come check out the curated collection of self-care items in each box and learn how to make this resource available at your hospital!

  • ARIAH Foundation - The ARIAH Foundation (Advancement of Reproductive Innovation Through Artistry and Healing) was established in memory of Shamony Makeba Gibson and provides mental, physical emotional and/or spiritual assistance to support families as they navigate the devastating impact of maternal/infant morbidity and mortality.

  • Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) - Meet Rebecca and Emily from PALS and learn all about the Pregnancy After Loss App, the first app of its kind to support parents who are pregnant with their subsequent baby after experiencing pregnancy, infant, or child loss.

  • Count the Kicks - Count the Kicks is an evidence-based campaign that teaches expectant parents about the importance of tracking fetal movements. Stop by to learn how to get to know your baby and check out the free Count the Kicks app!

  • March for Moms - March for Moms aligns the diverse voices of families, healthcare providers, policymakers, and partners to advocate for mother’s and families’ health, well-being and equal access to care. Come learn how you can be part of the solution!

  • Start Healing Together - Start Healing Together is an organization by teachers for teachers with the mission of supporting educators experiencing pregnancy loss and infertility. Stop by to learn how our members serve as liaisons and advocates for parents, grandparents, friends, family members, coworkers, and anyone else who needs support.

  • Sharing Solace - Grief is lonely and debilitating. And when you’re on the outside trying to love a friend in sorrow and pain, you often feel helpless: unable to provide meaningful support or don’t have the soothing words. Sharing Solace gives you the right tangible gift with a powerful community to say, ‘Remember. You’re not alone.’

  • Melinated Moms - Melinated Moms is a MOM Profit™ – a community-centered women empowerment social enterprise supporting moms and women to become better versions of themselves through advocacy, education, awareness and entrepreneurship. Come learn how to Find Your ROAR and make your voice heard!

  • White Ribbon Alliance - WRA advocates for women’s and girls’ health, rights, and gender equality. Our approach is simple, radical, and it works. Stop by to learn how the simple act of asking women and girls what they want can lead to powerful change.

  • National Birth Equity Collaborative - National Birth Equity Collaborative (NBEC) is one of the nation’s leading experts and an advocate for change in the Black maternal health and infant mortality crises. As an organization focused on the sexual reproductive health and wellbeing of Black women and birthing people world-wide, NBEC creates transnational solutions that optimize Black maternal, infant, sexual, and reproductive wellbeing. We shift systems and culture through training, research, technical assistance, policy, advocacy, and community-centered collaboration.


Where can I ask questions or find help at the event?

The PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy table at the Awareness Fair doubles as an information station! Also, look out for any volunteers wearing Pink Event Shirts - they should be able to direct you to someone who can help! Please see the Event Map for more info.

Will there be bathroom facilities & first aid?

Yes! There are portable bathrooms and a first aid tent. Please see the Event Map for more info.

Is this event family-friendly? What accommodations are there for families with infants/small children?

Absolutely! We believe it's important for kids to be able to honor their love for their siblings/cousins/friends who have died, so this event was designed with them in mind! In addition to free kids' activities at the Surviving Siblings table at the Awareness Fair, we also have live music (including an upbeat dance party!), and an interactive art installation. For parents of infants, there are clean, private baby changing and feeding facilities available in the First Aid Tent. Please see the Event Map for more info or ask any volunteer in a Pink Event Shirt for help!

Is there food and water?

We will have a limited amount of bottled water and snacks available at the First Aid and Backstage tents for emergency purposes, but we recommend bringing your own or purchasing from a nearby vendor. Food and beverages are available at many of the nearby museums and there are a variety of food trucks which frequent the area. In particular, locals recommend the Pavilion Café in the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden (map, open 10 am - 4 pm) and the American History Food Kiosk (map, open 9:30 am - 6 pm); food trucks typically congregate on 14th St. NW and 7th St. NW (on either end of the Mall). More options are recommended at Please see the Event Map for more info or ask any volunteer in a Pink Event Shirt for help!

Are dogs allowed?

You bet! As far as we're concerned, dogs and other fur babies are members of the family, and are of course welcome to join the Big PUSH! The National Mall is open to pets - please just be kind and don't leave poop behind!

What Accessibility provisions are available?

We believe stillbirth awareness and prevention should be inclusive of ALL families, and so we've tried to make sure that The Big PUSH is accessible to all! We will have an ASL interpreter on stage throughout the event, a designated ADA seating section (also open to Seniors and Pregnant Individuals!), and there is a wheelchair/ADA-accessible bathroom available. Please see the Event Map for more info or ask any volunteer in a Pink Event Shirt for help! If you need other accessibility accommodations, please email us prior to the event.

How do I get there? Directions please!

The main stage is located on the National Mall at 7th St. NW/SW directly between Madison Dr. NW and Jefferson Dr. NW. Use 7 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001 as your navigation address. Public Transit is recommended as parking is limited. Nearby stops include:

  • Metro - L'Enfant Plaza at Maryland Ave & 7th St SW

  • Metro - Archives-Navy Memorial at Pennsylvania Ave & 7th St NW

  • Metro - Smithsonian at Jefferson Dr & 12th St SW

  • DC Circulator - Jefferson Dr & 7th St SW

  • DC Circulator - Madison Dr & 7th St NW

Download a printable version of the full Event Map here (PDF).

Wow, this day is hitting me pretty hard. Is there someone I can talk to?

Believe us, we understand how grief & trauma can sneak up on you! We've been there, too. Head over to the First Aid Tent to speak with licensed mental health professionals, and feel free to reach out to any of the event organizers in pink tees for peer support. You are not alone. Please see the Event Map for more info or ask any volunteer in a Pink Event Shirt for help!

Oh no! Plans changed and now we/our guests can't make it! What do we do??

Don't worry! No one understands that life happens better than a loss parent! No matter what comes up, you and your loved ones can still be a part of this historic day! Check out the Virtual Participation Details page for more info - those #bigpush2022 posts are important! (And yes, OF COURSE we will still include your baby in the Name Reading, because whether you're here in person or in spirit, your baby #StillCounts!)

What is Stillbirth? Is it really preventable? How can I learn more & support the movement?

Stillbirth is the (unintended and often unexpected) death of a child in utero after 20 weeks gestation (before that, pregnancy loss is called a miscarriage). A stillborn baby must be delivered (vaginally or with a c-section) just like any other baby. It can happen due to a variety of causes, including placental issues, maternal complications (preeclampsia, etc.), cord accidents, infection, etc. Stillbirth is never the mother's or pregnant person's fault.

Stillbirth is shockingly more common than most people realize - including the 65 families every day in the U.S. who suffer a stillbirth (many of which occur in otherwise normal and healthy pregnancies receiving standard prenatal care). More American children are lost to stillbirth each year than all child deaths (age 0-14) from prematurity, SIDS, car accidents, drowning, guns fire, poison, flu, and listeria COMBINED. And in many cases (though not all) stillbirth is just as preventable as any of these other risks that parents hear much more about. The difference is that no one is educating parents about stillbirth or how to lower their risks, and no one is holding our medical/government leaders accountable for the United States' dismal lack of progress on reducing stillbirth rates (we currently rank 183 out of 195 countries in the world in Average Rate of Reduction).

The Big PUSH to End Preventable Stillbirth - and the Coalition of nonprofit organizations behind this event, many of which are volunteer-led and -operated by stillbirth families - is here to change that.

There's so much to share about Stillbirth Awareness & Prevention, we can't fit it all here! We invite you to learn more on our website, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter. You can donate to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit here to help defray the costs of The Big PUSH.

Who sponsored and organized this event?

The Big PUSH to End Preventable Stillbirth was organized by a Coalition of over 50 non-profit organizations from across the maternal/infant health and perinatal bereavement space. We stand in solidarity together to demand improved prenatal care for families and an end to institutionalized racism in medicine in hopes of ensuring that more parents and babies make it #homesafetogether. Please see the main event website for the full list of organizers and sponsors. We are deeply grateful to our sponsors and donors across the country for their generous financial and in-kind contributions that made this historic day possible!

#UnitedWePush For Families, For Babies, For Change.

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